Snow Prep

The weather people are predicting 6-10+ inches of snow for Fletcher, starting Friday afternoon and finishing up sometime Saturday afternoon.

WordPress is really pissing me off. I only use it for the editor, and the editor sucks right now. I am going to keep writing, but if this does not get better REAL soon, I will be cancelling my WordPress account and writing my own site, with a rich text editor that WORKS. Sorry this post looks like ass… I am working on it.

If you know anything about the metro and urban areas we live near, you know the lines for bread and milk started forming yesterday. Our fridge and freezers are good to go, so I just needed to worry about a little bit of snow prep. Got the Polaris ready for playing in the snow, loaded up a bed full of firewood, and stocked the fireplace for the next few days.

Now I just need my wife to get home from work safely, and we’re good to go!

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