Time to Rest

It has been, or it feels like it has been, a longer than usual day. I am tired. I finally feel like the holidays are behind us and we can begin moving forward. And, tonight was the St. Louis memorial service for my brother-in-law, Garry Lowder, who passed away just before Christmas. It was an emotional time, and included 3 hours of drive time.

I’m not feeling especially creative this evening, and I’m not even really interested in finishing up the day by reading a few chapters in the book I’m currently reading. (Seveneves, by Neal Stephenson.) I think I’m just going to sit here, continue to work on my head adjustment for a little bit, and then turn down the lamp, put on some headphones, and let some film scores put me to sleep. It shouldn’t take long, and a little extra rest this weekend is going to go a long way.

Rest easy.

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