iPhone 6 Plus, Otterbox, & LifeProof

Figured out something kind of cool today…

I have been an Otterbox fan since the first case Otterbox made for the iPhone. 

I bought an iPhone 6 Plus in December of 2014, with an Otterbox Defender. In mid-2015 I bought another Otterbox Defender for my 6 Plus, mainly for a new holster and a color change. This past December (2016) my wife upgraded from an iPhone 5s to a 7 Plus, with a LifeProof case. I decided to try one for myself, as they were 50% off. Right away I missed my holster, and put the LifeProof holster on my wishlist. 

While cleaning up today I came across my Otterbox Defender holster and decided to see if my 6 Plus, now in a LifeProof case, would fit in the Otterbox holster. Sure enough, it snapped right in! It fits solid and secure, too! And, it fits with the screen facing in or out, and access to all buttons, the headphone jack, and Lightning port all remain accessible. BONUS! No need to buy a LifeProof holster!

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