45 Hours Without a Cigarette

This is not exactly how I wanted to do this… I wanted to start with a blog post right after the last cigarette, and I wanted to do an “unboxing and first impressions” video after making the switch.  It did not work out that way, so my first post on this subject starts at 45 hours after finishing my last cigarette.

Last Saturday (October 26th, 2013) I smoked my last cigarette as I walked into the STL Vapor Store next to the Pink Galleon on Butler Hill in South County.  (Reviews of the store, my first shopping experience and my first vaping experience will come in future posts.)  When I walked out of the store about 30 minutes later, I was vaping instead of smoking cigarettes.  So far, I have had nothing but vapor since making the switch.

I will be using my blog here to share my experience and to support the vape related videos I will be posting to my YouTube channel.  (Here’s a link to my YouTube channel if you don’t have it: http://www.youtube.com/user/SparksSTL)

I am hanging in there.  It is a big change.  I am trying to take advantage of, appreciate and enjoy the benefits of vapor while letting go of my favorite things about smoking cigarettes.  For example, I miss my breaks away from the desk to go stand outside and smoke, either alone or having a cigarette over conversation with friends and/or coworkers.  I am training myself to appreciate and enjoy the fact that I can vape at my desk without going outside, whenever I want, without mess, odor or hassle.  I can still take the clearomizer outside for a break, and will, but it’s just “not the same” as going out there and firing up a cancer stick.  So… when I get the urge to go burn one, I get a couple hits of vapor.

That’s how I am rolling, and so far I have made it 45 hours.

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