369 Days – 0 Cigarettes

That’s right… I celebrated one-year cigarette free Sunday afternoon at 13:30 CST.  When I walked out of the vape store a year ago with my first vape purchase I had a pack of cigarettes with only 4 missing in my pocket, and I fully intended to smoke them while I made the transition to vapor.  I went to light one up when my wife and I got in the car in the vape store’s parking lot, and my wife said “well, I thought maybe you’d just do the vapor until you NEED a cigarette.”  So, I didn’t light up at that moment, and when two weeks had passed, I still hadn’t lit up.  So I tossed that pack of smokes, still missing just 4 squares, in the trash.

I haven’t bought or bummed a cigarette, or so much as a drag from a cigarette, since that day.

MANY times over the last year the “need” for a cigarette (or two, or three, or twenty…) definitely came up.  Less and less as time has gone on, but the beginning was very difficult, and there were 2 or 3 REALLY bad days earlier this year where I found myself on the way to the gas station for my favorite brand of smokes.  Thankfully, mainly due to my wife, I ended up at my vape shop instead of the gas station where my real support group kept me on track.

At 365 days, figuring a MINIMUM of 25 cigarettes a day, that’s:

- a minimum of 9,125 cigarettes I have not smoked…
- a minimum of 46 cartons of cigarettes I have not purchased…
- a minimum of $2070 I have not spent on cigarettes (at $45 per carton, Camel Lights).

I kind of got off track on writing about my vapor experience, but recently I’ve started writing more and am getting in the hang of doing it more regularly.  Now that I’ve got my “365 days without a cigarette” post written, I’ll spend some time over the next few weeks sharing more stories about my transition from cigs to vapor over the last year, as well as some vapor recommendations and suggestions, and reviews of the vapor hardware I’ve bought and used as well.

If you’re on the vapor trail, trying to give up the chemical tobacco sticks, hang in there…  there are a lot of things working against you, but you CAN make the switch and be successful at it.  Promise.

Skid Row is not a Third World Country

As long as we continue to have this problem right here at home in the United States, I refuse to support any “World Hunger” or “World Homelessness” or “World Healthcare” initiatives.  Don’t ask me for a $1 at the drive-thru for hungry people in Africa when we can’t (or don’t) feed, cloth or provide shelter for our own.




Great Night on the Lanes

I had a pretty amazing league night at Arnold Bowl last night.  My average is (was) 182, and my first of 4 games was a 182.  I can live with that… my goal is to shoot 200+ every game and maintain at least a 200 average, but at least hitting my current average every game means I’m doing my part to contribute to a team win.

I finished up with a 255, 266 and 203.  After finishing Game 3 I was thinking “I’m not sure if I can do this for another game!”  Those kinds of scores require some focus and consistency which is hard to maintain for 4 hours, at least for me.  Anyway, I finished with a 906 series, and a new high-game and high-series scores for the season.  I have to check the “trophy” the guys made me for my first 3-game 700+ series a couple of years ago, but I think my previous best 3-game series was a 721.  My last 3 games last night would have been a 724 series in a different league.